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Author Biography

I am a writer and student of life. I was born in Hong Kong but spent most of my childhood in Hawaii and on Orcas Island in Washington State. While my first language was Cantonese and my first experience with and memory of poetry was also in this language, I very early had to change languages and adapt to living in English. Acquiring literacy in English did not prove to be as easy as all that. Although I lived in a house full of books, I struggled with reading and writing. But persistence was somehow a given. At no time do I remember despairing that I might not be able to finally win my literacy. But early difficulties left their traces and I would not pursue studies that required advanced literacy skills until graduate school. Instead I first studied mathematics but quickly realised that I did not fit into the world of mathematicians. When my plan to work as a college teacher of maths failed to pan out, I reassessed and decided to return to university for graduate studies in philosophy of education. Loving the life of a student I slowly found my way in this new field. Eventually I completed my doctorate but during a time when very few philosophy of education professors were needed.


Life and love would eventually bring me to Heidelberg, Germany where I first concentrated on polishing my rusty German into a working language. This was slow work without the help of friends. But when my son was born, I began the journey anew from a different angle. I began reading German children's books to a very appreciative audience of one.

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