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Tales of Life in Light and Shadow:

Heart-Songs Seeking Resonant Harmonies

My new book, TALES OF LIFE IN LIGHT AND SHADOW is now available online all over the web.


This book of verse was inspired by music, that is why the word song appears in the subtitle. In my mind, I was actually composing songs as I wrote. But my musical talents are much too limited to write music to the verses so I decided to leave them as simple verse and let the readers imagine/create the music as they read. The themes covered include everything that touched my life during the writing process. There are many songs about love, the beauty and the pain that we associate with it; about this journey which is our life; about my journey in particular; there are songs dedicated to people who have impacted my life greatly, who have inspired me or taught me important lessons. I also touch on some themes about how we live our lives, here or there suggesting that we reflect and reconsider certain trends our society seems to be taking. Now and again I imagine what it might be like to be in certain situations and then write from those perspectives.

That our lives will always involve an interplay of light and shadow is hardly a very profound insight. But perhaps we sometimes forget how very much this interplay sculpts the landscape of our lives, giving it its unique shape, texture and meaning.

I hope that reading my book will be somewhat like dancing with my verses, and I hope that this dance will be one that enlivens your spirit and enriches your lives.

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